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Refurbished Pellet Stoves

Located in Woonsocket, Rhode Island, Northeast Pellet Stoves specializes in providing top-quality, refurbished pellet stoves that combine efficiency, sustainability, and timeless craftsmanship.


Our carefully selected range of pellet stoves represents the best in the industry. They offer an eco-friendly, cost-effective heating solution for your home.

Our Restorations

Includes 1-year warranty (Parts and Labor)


  • If you are looking for an affordable way to heat your home without compromising on quality, our stoves are the perfect solution.


  • These stoves were built to last. We have stoves from the 90s that are still running and have parts available.

Why older pellet stoves

  • Less complicated and easier controls

  • Easier to get replacement parts


  • We have full confidence in our stoves. We offer a one-year parts and labor warranty for all parts

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Make: Harman
Model: Advance 2

Automatic Ignition: Yes

Hopper Capacity: 60 lbs.
Dimensions: W 26.6″ D 20.5″ H 32.5"
BTU rating: 48,000 BTUs

Heating Area: 900 to 2400 sq. ft

Price: $2,700

Refurbished Harman Advance 2

Upgrade your warmth and style with the Harman Advance 2 refurbished pellet stove. Renowned for its advanced technology and exceptional efficiency, this model delivers consistent, comfortable heat with unparalleled ease of use. Its sleek design and robust construction make it a standout addition to any room, offering the perfect balance of form and function. Fully refurbished to meet strict quality standards, the Advance 2 provides reliable, eco-friendly heating at an unbeatable value. Experience the Harman difference with the Advance 2, where innovation meets the comfort of your home.

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Refurbished Quadra-Fire
Santa Fe

Elevate your home with the Quadra-Fire Santa Fe refurbished pellet stove. Compact, efficient, and eco-friendly, this stove offers the warmth and reliability Quadra-Fire is celebrated for, at a fraction of the cost. Its simple controls and elegant design fit perfectly in any space, providing cost-effective heating with an eco-conscious approach. Each stove undergoes a thorough refurbishment to ensure peak performance and quality. Choose the Santa Fe for a smart, sustainable heating solution that blends seamlessly with your home décor.

Quadra-fire gold trim


Make: Quadra-Fire
Model: Santa Fe

Automatic Ignition: Yes

Hopper Capacity: 54 lbs.
Dimensions: W 25.5″ D 21.2″ H 28.5"
BTU ratings: 30,600 BTUs

Heating Area: 700 - 1900 sq. ft

Price: $2,200



Make: Quadra-Fire
Model: 1200i (2008)

Automatic Ignition: Yes

Hopper Capacity: 75 lbs.
Dimensions: W 25.5″ D 21.2″ H 28.5"
BTU ratings: 48,500 BTUs

Heating Area: 1000 - 2600 sq. ft

Price: $2,200

Refurbished Quadra-Fire 1200i 

The Quadra-Fire 1200i brings sophistication and efficiency to your home heating. It transforms your living space into a haven of warmth and tranquility. With advanced combustion technology, it offers an eco-friendly heating option, reducing your carbon footprint. Enjoy the blend of traditional charm and modern innovation, making it the heart of your home.

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Refurbished Englander

Revamp your home with our refurbished 2008 Englander 25PDVC pellet stove. Combining the appeal of traditional heating with modern technology, this classic model is user-friendly and eco-friendly. With unmatched durability and performance, it's perfect for integrating into any living space. Enjoy reliability and affordability for sustainable comfort throughout winter. Make your home cozy with a piece of restored heating history.

Englander 25PDVC.jpg


Make: Englander
Model: 25-PDVC

Automatic Ignition: Yes

Hopper Capacity: 40 lbs.
Dimensions: W 23″ D 20″ H 28.5"
BTU ratings: 26,179 BTUs

Heating Area: 500 - 1500 sq. ft

Price: $1,000

St Croix for blog.jpg


Make: St Croix
Model: York Insert

Automatic Ignition: Yes

Hopper Capacity: 40 lbs.
Dimensions: W 25″ D 16″ H 21.25"
BTU ratings: 40,000 BTUs

Heating Area: 1000 - 1800 sq. ft

Price: $2,000

Refurbished Enviro

The Enviro EF3 Bay I stands out for its durability and ease of use. Its robust construction from high-quality fabricated steel promises longevity, while the double row heat exchanger maximizes heat output and efficiency. The bay window design not only adds an aesthetic appeal but also provides a captivating view of the flames, enhancing the cozy atmosphere of your home.

Refurbished St Croix
York Insert

Introducing the refurbished St. Croix York Insert Pellet Stove that offers the perfect balance of efficiency and warmth for your home. This meticulously restored model has been crafted to embody the reliability and craftsmanship that St. Croix is known for, while also offering an eco-friendly heating solution.

Referbished Enviro EF3 (Wix).jpg

IN Process

Make: Enviro
Model: EF3

Automatic Ignition: Yes

Hopper Capacity: 55 lbs.
Dimensions: W 22″ D 24″ H 30.5"
BTU ratings: 40,000 BTUs

Heating Area: 500 - 1800 sq. ft

Price: $2200

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