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Reliable Gas Fireplace Cleaning and Inspection in RI

We provide a dependable gas fireplace service that guarantees your fireplace stays in top-notch condition and is safe to use.

We specialize in cleaning, inspecting, and repairing gas fireplaces to ensure they work at their best.

You can rely on us to provide dependable services, enabling your home to remain cozy and comfortable all year round.

Want to learn more?

Visit our blog: How Often Should You Get a Gas Fireplace Cleaning?

Need parts?
Give us a call, parts usually arrive within a week! 

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Gas Fireplace Repair 

We get OEM parts while offering less expensive alternatives from well-known manufacturers. Don't guess your repair needs. Let our experts get you precisely what you need, & fast!

• Diagnosis of failure

• Ordering of part(s)

• Replacement of failed part(s)

• Disposal of failed part(s)

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Gas Fireplace Cleaning

We get the stuff the other guys miss. Our cleanings are the most thorough in the industry. We guarantee your gas fireplace has never been this clean!

• Cleaning of blower motor

• Cleaning of pilot assembly

• Re-fill of glowing embers

• Touch-up painting

• Checking for gas leaks

• Cleaning of log(s)

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Gas Fireplace Restoration

Sometimes, you need more than a cleaning. We do complete restorations & major repairs.

• Replacement of failed part(s)

• Complete rebuilds

• Rust removal

• Repainting

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