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Frequently Asked Questions

Gas Fireplaces

What is the best glass cleaner for my gas fireplace or gas stove?

When it comes to selecting the right glass cleaner for your gas fireplace or stove, it's crucial to avoid using ammonia-based glass cleaners. The alkaline properties of ammonia can cause irreversible damage to the glass surface, leading to etching or discoloration over time. We choose Sprayway glass cleaner.

How much does a gas fireplace service cost?

Our company is committed to offering affordable and transparent gas fireplace service. The cost for a comprehensive cleaning and inspection of your gas fireplace ranges from $180 to $280. The final price may vary depending on your location and the time of year. Northeast Pellet Stoves charges $180.

 What should I expect during a gas fireplace maintenance service?

During a gas fireplace maintenance service, a professional technician will clean the interior components, remove any built-up soot and debris, and ensure the proper functioning of the burner and gas valves. They will inspect for any signs of wear or damage and address potential issues that may affect performance or safety.

How often should you clean a gas fireplace or stove?

The frequency of cleaning your gas fireplace or stove depends on how often you use it, but as a general rule, cleaning it once a year or every other year is recommended.

What are the benefits of leaving the pilot light on?

Convenience: Your gas fireplace is always ready to use, eliminating the need to relight it each time you want a cozy fire.
Pest Prevention: deters bugs and pests from entering the fireplace and nesting inside.

What are the benefits of regular gas fireplace maintenance?

Efficiency: Cleaning the interior components ensures better airflow and combustion, improving efficiency and reducing energy waste.

Safety / Prolonged life: Inspection helps identify and address potential safety concerns and saves you from premature replacements such as gas leaks or malfunctioning parts, ensuring your fireplace operates safely.

Does your gas fireplace require maintenance?

Yes, gas fireplaces do require maintenance, albeit less frequent than wood-burning fireplaces. While gas fireplaces produce less dirt and soot compared to wood-burning ones, they still need regular maintenance to ensure optimal performance and safety.

Can gas fireplaces be repaired?

Yes, gas fireplaces can be repaired in many cases. Skilled technicians can conduct repairs as long as the necessary parts are available and there are no major structural or safety issues.

Pellet Stoves

 What do three blinks on my Harman pellet stove indicate?

Three blinks on your Harman pellet stove's control panel usually indicate a combustion issue. This could be due to a dirty or clogged combustion chamber, which affects the stove's performance. Regular cleaning of the combustion area is essential to maintain optimal efficiency.

 What is the best glass cleaner for a pellet stove?

We highly recommend using Rutland Glass Cleaner for your pellet insert or stove. This glass cleaner has been proven effective in removing tough build-up and residue from the glass surface. It is specifically designed for use on fireplace and stove glass, ensuring a crystal-clear and streak-free result.

 What is the average life expectancy of a pellet stove?

With proper maintenance and care, a pellet stove can have a life expectancy of 15-plus years. Regular cleaning, inspections, and timely repairs can significantly extend the stove's lifespan and keep it operating efficiently.

How much is a yearly cleaning? 

A yearly cleaning for a pellet stove typically ranges from $180 to $280, depending on the time of year and the location. Specifically, our pricing structure is as follows:

From August to April, the cleaning service is priced at $220.

From May to July, the cleaning service is offered at a discounted rate of $200.

Are parts interchangeable?

The interchangeability of pellet stove parts depends on the manufacturer and the specific models. Some manufacturers design their pellet stoves with interchangeable parts, making it possible to use the same part across different models within their brand. For example, a Harman exhaust blower is interchangeable among various Harman stove models.

Do pellet stove pipes need to be cleaned?

Yes, cleaning pellet stove pipes are an essential part of regular maintenance. Most manufacturers recommend cleaning the pipes or the liner after every ton of pellets burned. At a minimum, cleaning the pipes once a year is necessary.

How often should my pellet stove be cleaned?

Cleaning your pellet stove is essential for maintaining efficiency and safety. It is recommended to clean your pellet stove after burning each ton of pellets or, at the very least, once a year.

Where do I find the model number?

The location of the model number on a pellet stove can vary depending on the manufacturer and the stove's design.


However, it is commonly found in one of the following locations:

Hopper Lid

Top of an Insert

Owner's Manual

Service Areas

Rhode Island

Burrillville, North Smithfield, Cumberland, Glocester, Smithfield, Lincoln, Foster, Scituate, providence, North Kingstown, Warwick, Bristol, Newport, West Greenwich.


Douglas, Uxbridge, Manville, Mendon, Blackstone, Bellingham, Norfolk, Mansfield, Millis, Holliston, Plainville, Attleborough, Seekonk, Swansea. 

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